Jul. 9th, 2009

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Let's get things started!

Participants: [personal profile] shanaqui & [personal profile] iltaru

The Plan:
Read our own height (~5'4"/1.5m) each.
The Rules:
1. Floor to knee: must read new books, i.e. ones we haven't read before.
2. Knee to hip: anything goes.
3. Hip to shoulder: serious stuff, i.e. non-fiction, literature, poetry, plays. ([personal profile] iltaru's says "Sirius stuff" because she has a character called Sirius.)
4. Shoulder to top of head: unexpected stuff, i.e. stuff we wouldn't have thought to read otherwise. This one is going to be awkward for the two of us: we have long and varied careers in reading.
5a. [personal profile] iltaru can only reread a book if she hasn't read it in two years.
5b. [personal profile] shanaqui can only reread a book if she intends to do a new review.
6. The challenge ends 1st February 2010.
We currently have only interim charts up: we will update with progress pictures in the future, and hopefully we will realise our dreams of nicely colourful charts.
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Progress post time! Not much, yet. Yet!

Plan post:
New additions:
Shoulder to top of head ("unexpected stuff"):
-Fingersmith, Sarah Waters.
Hip to shoulder ("serious stuff"):
-Great Expectations, Charles Dickens.
Current picture:
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So I'm reading my own height in books, following this plan. I'm precisely 5'4", which is kind of handy for statistics. (Metric translation: 1.62~ metres). I also want to write reviews for them, so I need to catch up on writing them. I'll link to reviews here, but post them elsewhere.

So far the wall-chart reads

New (floor to knee):
The Demon's Lexicon, by Sarah Rees Brennan

Anything goes (knee to hip):
The Dragon Reborn, by Robert Jordan*
The Vintner's Luck, by Elizabeth Knox*

...and nothing for Sirius stuff (imaginatively named by [personal profile] shanaqui, because one of my protagonists is named Sirius, and that's also the name of my laptop) or Unexpected, yet.

Asterisks denote re-reads of books (I'm only allowed to count re-reads if it's over two years since I read the book). So between us, [personal profile] shanaqui and I have covered all four sections, so far. Go us!

Now I need to go find a slightly thicker 'New' book, because The Book of Enoch is going to add about a millimetre to my chart, but it's really wordy and hard to read.


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